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Grace and Wood Co. is an incredible business out of a small town in Texas! They have great vision for the future of their handmade earring business, and take great pride in being able to grow while being present at home during the day with their foster (and now adopted!) kiddos!

Grace and Wood Co became confident in their brand strategy during the process, as they went from being unsure about how to incorporate their heart for the foster and adoption systems into an earring business, to being intentional to talk about why they have a small business.

Having a clear (and confident) why that is different than others is something that helps your brand stand apart from others. While many earring companies have great products and desire high quality, Grace and Wood Co. has both of those things AND a vision that they are casting before their audience, to take seriously the number of children without homes in our country. By sharing their own everyday experiences as foster (and now adoptive!) parents, they are hoping to make it a normal experience that doesn’t take away from your unique family unit. This way, they also can share information about this near and dear issue on their hearts, without being forceful, overly aggressive, or shaming their audience (which they would never, ever do anyway, they are the sweetest, most wonderful family!!). But often brands can come on too strong with their message and make their audience feel not good enough, especially when the topic is as personal as this one.

Grace and Wood Co. is a great example of a justice- driven business that uses their vision and why to drive messaging, and connect with the hearts of their audience. Each time people support their family-owned and operated business, they are also supporting a family that is trying to make a difference in the lives of several foster kids and bring awareness to the systemic issues many children in our nation (and abroad) are facing.

Get a gorgeous pair of earrings and support foster care awareness? Yes, please!

Your brand strategy is an essential part of the branding process. Sometimes your why, vision, values, and mission are already burning in your heart, but having someone who is there to come alongside you (me!) and help you draw out, process, and refine your understanding of how to connect your heart to your audience’s is a great way to grow your brand’s customer loyalty base!

Check out Grace and Wood Co’s earring line HERE!

I’m a brand strategist + web designer that equips impact-driven business women with intentionally architected sophisticated and mature brands that leave a lasting legacy so they can have freedom and peace of mind when they wrap up the work day without having to spend another day of quiet insecurity that stems from questioning if their brand is really good enough. If this is something you know you need, reach out below!

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