You’re tired of having to continually redesign your brand to keep up with the trends.

I help creative entreprenuers craft high-converting brands they can continue to mature into for years to come.


work with me

Because let's face it. 

Templates are perfect for startups, a band-aid that needs to be pulled off to get you past the fear of jumping into a business headfirst. But now?

  • You've grown.
  • Your clients have grown.
  • Your style has matured and you realize you're in this for the long haul.
  • You're thinking about legacy, investment, and what you're really trying to get out of your business. 
  • You've settled into who you are as a business and something about that template that sparkled at the time is now lackluster and in discord with your new level of experience.

Now You're dreaming in the back of your mind about

  • building a team
  • scaling your business
  • that feeling of freedom that comes from delegating out non-essential work so you can spend time with your family and friends.
And while you are smart, strategic, and have a business intellect all your own, there's a longing to have someone to process through your strategy with. You know it's hard to think through those essential brand questions in a lot of detail on your own, you have to be prodded into it, and it's an uncomfortable exercise.You're desiring to work with someone safe you can open up to with your deepest dreams for your business.

What would it feel like to:

  • Be confident to share the heart behind your business without stumbling over words as you speak?

  • Become easily recognizable with an intentionally charming brand design?

  • Create a brand design steeped in strategy that grows with you so you're not rebranding again in three years.

  • Discover your unique and creative style that gently hints, I'm established,I've been around for awhile and I know what I'm doing.

  • Step into a custom design which exceeds your audience's expectations at every touchpoint.

elevate the way
you do business

THat captivates

It's time to

and craft a legacy brand

work with me

And while you're at it,

Why not build a thriving WEBSITE that converts. One that boasts of:
  • Client funnels that tell your people where to go first, next, and last

  • Designs that last beyond the first five years of business

  • Your own online platform separate from fickle and ever changing algorithms

  • A central hub for all of your content that isn't regulated by external third parties

  • A place where you can develop, pitch, and sell your own content

  • Strategic layouts that won't confuse your customers and thoughtful UX designs

establishing your brand

My SIgnature Brand Strategy & Website Design Package

will ensure that you have no more random acts of design in your business, but will give you a system to work within that will leave you feeling capable:

There are three simple parts to the process:

Brand Strategy

Brand Design

Website design

1 week
3 weeks
4+ weeks

all of this is part of the

-3 strategy coaching sessions
-Pinterest Visual Collaboration
-Full Logo Suite 
-Custom Color Palette
-Handdrawn Custom Pattern or up to three illustrations
-Fully Responsive Website up to 4 pages
-Website Copy Coaching
-Wordpress Blog Set Up + Design
-Opt-in Coaching + Design
-10 Custom Social Media Templates 
-2 pieces of custom collateral
-Weekly Office hours just for you 
*available for additional collateral designs 

Brand Strategy & website Design 






This Brand Strategy and Brand Design package sets the foundation of your business with a custom and intentionally crafted brand identity, so you can show up online confidently without the time waste of trying to figure out this design thing by yourself.

-3 Brand Strategy Handbooks
-1 hour long Strategy Session
-Pinterest Collaboration
-Brand Photography Coaching Call
-Full Brand Identity (Main Logo, Horizontal Alternate, Vertical Alternate, Watermark)
-Custom Color Palette
-Custom Pattern or Texture
-Custom Font Pairing
-Brand Guidelines
-3 pieces of Collateral
-3 revision rounds
-2 Custom Illustrations
-Final vector files organized and shared

begin your legacy



Option #1:
Custom Website
  • I will craft a custom 4 page website for you in one day, using previously created brand guidelines or elements to apply. Brand Guidelines can be from any designer. Must have website copy and brand photography ready by scheduled website creation day. 

website in a day



Option # 2:
Website Template Customization
  • I know, I know. I said Templates are a band-aid we have to pull off. Well, you can't pull a band-aid off if you've never put one on! If you're just starting or just building a website, a template is a great way to put your foot in the door of the online world. Let's collaborate to find the appropriate website template (from any designer) for your business and I will customize it for you in just one day. Must have previously created Brand Guidelines for this package. Brand Guidelines can be from any designer or a design you have created. Please reach out for questions at alia@thelegacybrandingco.com


This Brand ONLY package is for business owners who need a brand fast, and are able to keep a day open on their calendar to be available to give feedback as needed throughout the day.

-Pinterest Collaboration
-Full Brand Identity (Main Logo, Horizontal Alternate, Vertical Alternate, Watermark)
-Custom Color Palette
-Custom Pattern or Texture
-Custom Font Pairing
-Brand Guidelines
-3 pieces of Collateral
-3 revision rounds
-Final vector files organized and shared

brand in a day



Brand mentoring

1 hour strategy session

Are you not sure where to start with your brand, or where your brand even needs help? Do you have a specific question about an existing brand that you'd like to gain clarity around or think through with a branding expert? 

I'll be your personal cheerleader encouraging, motivating and inspiring you into the best your business can be. And if that still isn’t enough, I'll lay it on the line, telling it like it is, and then giving you that much needed kick in the behind you really need to start believing in yourself.

Let's get a one-on-one call so you can think through the dreams you can't explain properly yet, and walk away refreshed and excited to get back into business and do the thing! You'll walk away with a recording of our call, actionable steps to take to help you move yourself or your brand forward, and clear insight into the places to hit on so your brand does the things you need it to do!

Topics can include:
  • brand photography coaching for an upcoming photo shoot
  • current brand audit (design only)
  • current website audit (design or function)
  • brand strategy questions (mission, vision, values, why, audience questions, etc)






Let's work together

Learn more

-1 strategy coaching sessions
-Pinterest Visual Collaboration
-Event graphic (logo) suite 
-Custom Color Palette
-Handdrawn Custom Pattern or up to three illustrations
-10 Custom Social Media Templates 
-save the date design
-formal invitation suite design
-custom thank you notecard designs
-up to 15 Event Slide designs
-table number designs
-menu or program designs
-table materials for event 
-direct contact with printer to send files & review proofs




starting at $4000

inquire for custom packages

(event websites can be added on)

-become booked out a year and half in advance within one month of completing the branding process

-grow their teams by several employees

-be featured on Good Morning America's Homepage, 40 Boxes, Celebrity Podcasts, TV News stations, Magazines and by influencers with more than 500mil+ audiences

-increase their rates to match the level of services finally being communicated

-be able to partner with/serve companies like Amazon, Citibank, LoopMe, Estee Lauder, and more

-sign contracts to have their products sold in companies such as Ashley Home Furnishings, West Elm, and Private Art Galleries

my creative brands have helped
past clients to

I only book 12 Legacy Package clients per year because I believe crafting something of rare quality takes a good amount of focus and devoted time, and I'm all about building genuine alliances with the people I have the privilege of serving. Make sure you book a spot on the calendar while there is space available!

Just so you know

build your legacy?

are you ready to

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Do you accept payment plans?

That would be a Y-E-S! While there is a 25% retainer deposit to ensure your spot is secured, your payments will be split into 4 monthly payments.

How are payments made + can I use a credit card?

Honeybook is my absolute fav! That’s how we’ll interact (don’t worry, I’ll get you all set up!) and you’ll be able to easily take care of business on there! (we’ll also be able to send quick messages back and forth on there, as well as share all of the designs + feedback) 

Do you offer additional branding packages?

Yes. As mentioned above, I also offer a Brand Strategy + Brand Design Package starting at $5000. I also offer a Brand in a Day package where you can get a complete brand guide in as little as one day for $2750.

What do website platform do you design on?

I am a raving fan of Showit. It’s the Ann to my Leslie Knope, and we’ll build the website of your dreams on that poetic, noble land mermaid of a platform. Oh, and you can check out pricing here.

Does it really only take 8-10 weeks to get my whole brand and website completed?

Generally speaking yes! Additional time would be necessary if you couldn’t get a photo shoot secured quickly, or if you need additional help with website copy, but generally, for both of our timelines I try to stick as closely to 8-10 weeks as possible.

Are there any additional costs or fees to this process?

Not on my end! For the whole process you pay me a flat rate. However, there will be a few things to take into consideration: website hosting + domain name is usually around $300 annually; domain-based email is usually $40/year; any collateral that you need to have printed will be an additional cost as well (think stationery suites, signage, vendor booth collateral, etc.); finally, I wholeheartedly recommend hiring a photographer to take your brand photos, so whether it’s a friend who is good with a camera or a professional photographer, your cost can range from $150 - $2500 depending on who you select in your local area. You may also need to purchase a website template if you are selecting the website template customization package.