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forget the awkward startup phase + say hello to the you that has settled comfortably into who you are as a brand.

You've seen some success, you have a raving client base, and you are ready to start growing and scaling your business so you can get the freedom back that you really crave in your life.

You're not running a business just because. You're ready to make an impact, change the world, and leave a legacy. 

I help legacy-driven entreprenuers like you build brands that can hold the weight of the change you are looking to make, without the strain of a business that takes over your entire life.

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The manifesto:

with a toast to those who build their blessings for the next generation with every wise business decision.


The Legacy Branding Co is a design studio that crafts irresistible brands which instantly connect with the heart of your ideal clients. Through intentional strategy, design, and heartfelt conversations, your brand will come to life as we create a holistic approach that dignifies and charms your audience at every touchpoint. 

--and I believe the success we deeply crave stems from our ability to generate a true human connection in an increasingly dehumanized world. I love Jesus and am always looking for ways to serve Him as I champion creative entreprenuers who know they are called to something bigger. I'm an educator turned creative, using my analytic mind and sophistication-developing prowess to elevate brands for business leaders so they can show up in front of their audience excellently and build their legacy.

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She helped me to really focus on what I actually wanted for the business and helped bring clarity to who I wanted to serve as well. I don't know how else to explain it except she brought my brand to life! She took my heart and turned it into design! She brought a level of excellence, beauty, and professionalism that I strived for but wasn't able to attain on my own. After starting to implement the new messaging and design in the brand, our vendors, customers and greater community took notice immediately! Without embellishment, our followers increased instantly! Our posts became more shareable. When we would pitch to brands they said that our messaging was "compelling" (it wasn't before!) and we landed significantly more deals than before. Our customer base also says that they now view us as "established, & professional".

If you were in a position to invest in your business. I can honestly and confidently say that brand strategy with Alia NEEDS to be your first step! It is the critical foundation for any business! 

Alia and her expertise are 100% worth every single penny and more. She'll bring your vision to life in a way that you never expected. In this current world that we're living in, it is imperative to create a space online where people can go and truly experience your business as if they're walking into your "store". Giving potential clients the most colorful, attractive, gorgeous open door to view everything you offer is really the meat and potatoes of selling yourself without actually interacting with them. Alia does this for her clients hundredfold.

-Annie M.

Working with Alia is a dream. She is considerate, patient, and so incredibly creative. Alia is one of the easiest people I've ever worked with on a project that is this important to my heart.


Walking through the research phase of the branding process was so insightful because I learned there was a common thread in my ideal clients, how they felt about reality verses expectations of where they would be at this time in their life and now I can connect with them right away. It was essential to making progress in the branding process!

Working with Alia was a dream. She went so above and beyond what I was anticipating. It was like she could look into my brain and figure out what I wanted without me even explaining it properly. My brand is AMAZING!! Fresh, fierce, feminine, and just absolutely beautiful and speaks perfectly to my ideal client.


I felt like I had very abstract ideas of how I wanted my brand to make people feel, but I didn't know how to connect the dots. The idea of working with another creative professional was also intimidating, but I felt completely comfortable with Alia. The way that she heard my scattered ideas, and the things that were important to me, and then translated them into a cohesive design was so helpful.

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