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Ambrosia Cakes – Brand Launch

Alia Cruz

Brand Launch

Today I’m so excited to finally be sharing about the behind the scenes of my good friend Ambrosia Cakes Tucson’s Brand Launch!!

Like other launches, this was a strategic process that intentionally studied not just who Annie’s current audience is, but also planned for who she desired her audience to grow into, to increase revenue and make her more sustainable long term!

Unlike other brand launches, though, Annie happened to be my very first client that I ever worked with on a website! Here’s a throwback to the first website design we worked on (below)

It’s not horrible, but it is definitely a very beginner website, so when I had more experience, I had to pull Annie back in and work with her on a rebrand! We went through my Signature Branding + Website package and worked on not only redesigning the overall brand, but elevating the strategy of client interactions, casting the vision for pricing and how to ensure that her brand support and met that expectation so that clients would be happy to pay for her services. It’s always hard to show the hard work of the strategy visually, but what I can say is that we elevated the overall look to match the level of business Annie was ready to attain.

In this particular brand, we decided to let her extensive photography collection tell the story. Her wedding cakes are so elaborate and well designed that it was easy to share some of her gorgeous imagery. Along with that visually driven brand decision, I created some unique single line art graphics for her to use within her otherwise greyscale color palette. We wanted to incorporate elements of Tucson, and elements of unique baking icons that weren’t what anyone had seen before.

The other thing that I felt really led to do was make her website highly, highly engaging. We wanted to make sure that people stayed on her website and could have their own sort of instagram feed to browse through. I also wanted to push the illustrations a step further and create animated, lively, and totally unique icons that had life to them.

Ambrosia Cakes Tucson had a big glow up and was elevated into a mature, sophisticated, and still totally Tucson brand. Since Annie has been featured in several bridal magazines, we wanted to marry (ha!) elegant and casual, local and accessible by those who are coming for destination weddings.

I am THRILLED with how her website came out! Check it out below:

Not to mention her logo + watermark rebrand

And we crafted a high end and gorgeous welcome packet, as well as pricing guide, not to mention full stationery suite. This was all with the goal of helping her clients feel wow-ed from the first touchpoint of inquiry to being a paying client who gives a referral.

I loved being able to come alongside Annie’s already gorgeous work and refresh her brand to meet the needs of her future clients!

Here’s what she had to say about the process,

“My brand is fresh and positively exquisite. I feel confident that it will bring me all of those high-end clients and leave the nonsense behind. Working with Alia is a dream. She is considerate, patient, and so incredibly creative. Alia is one of the easiest people I’ve ever worked with on a project that is this important to my heart. I feel like the new visual branding has made me feel like I need to do less to sell myself — which really says a lot. I feel like it truly speaks for itself when I can say, “hey, here’s my website — go check out what I do and who I am!” It’s a brilliant collaboration of creative minds.”

-Annie, Owner Ambrosia Cakes

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