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Give me your best guess about mood boards. When do you think a mood board comes into play in the brand strategy process? Do you think it’s first? It certainly can’t be last! Well, generally the mood board is the beginning of the design process, but actually it is far from the beginning of my overall brand strategy process!

The mood board is only completed after we have a deep understanding of who your ideal client is, what your brand voice is, and a well-thought through foundation has been laid for brand strategy.

Its intention is to be developed as a collaborative effort to make sure that we are visually and emotionally on the same page when it comes to your brand. It is a way for us to make sure we have common understanding of certain tones, senses, emotions evoked, and design strategy.

Below are a few stunning mood boards and as an added bonus, I’m throwing in a few of my best performing mood boards from pinterest from back in tha’ day when I first started my branding business! (who doesn’t love a little tbt? Someone throw me a capri sun and some totinos pizzas… just kidding I’m totally paleo right now…*those were the dayyys*) – okay, on to mood boards!

Stunning Mood Boards

And here are the throwbacks (below)! Who doesn’t love a good ol’ ‘here’s how far I’ve come’?? (And hey, if you’re looking for brand boards and how those are different, check out this post HERE.

Thanks for checking out some stunning mood boards! If you’re looking for more than just a clever design for your brand, and are ready to invest in branding that helps you find the freedom you desire after you shut the laptop and set aside the phone, then contact me below! Schedule a free discovery call to talk about how we can be laying the foundation of strategy for your brand so that you can easily pass off work to team members, and once and for all establish yourself so you can grow!

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