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Hot off the press is my latest brand launch, Carole Baker TV. Carole is a social media savvy who needed a brand launch that would skyrocket her from her beloved old social media business for moms into her social media business geared towards high end C Suite Executives. Carole’s luxury brand launch is composed of a midcentury modern twist on color and vibe.

When Carole and I first decided to work together, she chose me because I offered a full service branding and website design package. This package included everything she would need to appeal to and communicate with her target audience: C-Suite Executives. 

After our first brand coaching session, we finally were able to narrow down her design style to a luxury midcentury modern. I told her cautiously, “I just want to make sure we don’t have thisit look like the Jetsons.”. If you are old enough to remember that cartoon… it would not be the look we wanted to appeal to C-Suite Executives) *haha*. Carole sighed a sigh of relief and said, “You have described to me exactly what I wanted, but I couldn’t have put my finger on it!” And the design work began.

The Brand Design Process

I created two brand directions to head in, a sleek, sexy, and almost dangerous approach to midcentury modern, with loads of dark greys, reds, blacks, and navy, and considered using sleek metals as textures and smooth concretes to finish off the look. The other direction was a colorful, vibrant, but still incredibly high end brand that really captured Carole’s playful, lighthearted, and  “let’s get down to it” personality. 

When Carole saw the two options, she knew instantly that she wanted to go with the vibrant and playful color options, because it would stand out in the sea of other C-suite businesses. I created a brand that is sure to stand out from the common interactions most C-Suite execs have with businesses. As they engage with someone who can wheel and deal at their high level while bringing some lightheartedness to the process, they will encounter Carole’s bold and incredibly fun personality. After all, social media and community building is all about engagement! We wanted to make that shine in her brand.

I wanted to play off of the stark darkness that one often imagines when they think of the corporate life. You know, dark grey suits, dark shoes, dark briefcases. So I incorporated a lot of dark contrasted with vividly bright colors into Carole’s brand.

The Deliverables

I created a full branding suite, which included a logo, alternate logos, color palettes, font pairings, custom patterns that no one else will have, and a watermark. We also created social media templates including highlight covers, social squares, stories templates, event cover templates, facebook and twitter cover photos, a full website, and a stationery suite. We have also branded her marketing materials and client communication materials. Carole now has an extremely engaging and attention-grabbing experience for her clients at every touchpoint along the way of their interaction with her brand.

I’m so excited to share Carole’s brand launch and I’m grateful I was able to work with such a fun personality during this branding process!

See Carole’s website here!

Are you looking for a full service branding package for your business? That’s what I do! Think Brand Strategy + Brand Design + Website Design for your business – if you need this, fill out the form below or check out the cost of investment here.

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