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Monica Ashbrook Designs

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Brand Launch

Oh my sweet Monica, a Tucson Brand Launch just bursting at the seams with anticipation! What a joy she was to work with! My favorite part of this process was during the strategy part. Monica had a huge ah-ha moment as we were delving deep into the strategy component.

Monica wanted to tell her audience originally that she did interior design, which is a moderately common profession in our southwestern-filled, budding town. When Monica was considering her audience she decided she didn’t want to travel outside of our city, and wanted to have her main impact within city limits. These two decisions really led her to think about how she stood out from other interior designers in our city.

It is probably one of my most memorable moments in the branding process as I watched the ah-ha on Monica’s face when she realized, her function was to design elevated spaces for businesses and residences, but her benefit was to build a community that dignifies and honors it’s people through the use of intentionally designed spaces. We both cried when we came to that conclusion because we knew it felt so right, so authentic to her person and her brand. It also was her heart to lift up and build up the people of our city.

We continued to use that key message throughout her brand as we talked about building community, and creating spaces throughout our city that could allow beauty to flourish and people of all classes to enjoy their visits within waiting rooms, lobbys, meeting spaces, and play spaces.

Tucson Brand Launch Monica Ashbrook Designs Presentation Folder

Monica has already been in contract with several large commercial organizations in our city since our branding process and her brand has helped her to connect with her ideal clients through strategic messaging and elevated designs. This Tucson brand launch was such a joy to be a part of! These are just a few of the pieces we collaborated on together, other pieces included a full stationery suite, contracts, informational packets, and much more!

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