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Catalina Wellness First Launch

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Join me for this Tucson Brand Launch! I always start off writing about each client that they were my favorite to brand, because the process is so sweet to watch. Someone who is really excited to launch out their business and come on full speed, wowing their clients at every turn of their experience of their brand.

Lindsay was no different! I immediately loved her heart for serving mamas who were feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and tired, but really, truly wanted to be living their best life. Lindsay is an integrative nurse coach and wanted to user her experience as an ER cadiac ICU nurse to really teach moms about the importance of de-stressing, finding peace, and living healthy lives. Healthy is attainable was the key message for her brand.

We created a fun, upbeat, and desert-themed website to attract her local Tucson clients, although she has since moved from only local to online courses and coaching groups.

take a peek at the brand

We wanted to incorporate custom handdrawn patterns and elements, like this map (above) that shows all of the states she is licensed to practice in, and this pattern (below) that contains a clever mix of stethoscopes and cacti. This pattern is used to unite various collateral within her brand.

We also created several pieces of collateral for her, as she attended many expos and had vendor tables as conferences. She also hosts in person workshops and requested several vendor booth items for her brand. Vendor booth items are often a requested item in my branding process, as many who attend expos, conferences, or host their own workshops will want to make sure they are standing out from the rest of the booths at these events!

Tucson Brand Launch - Catalina Wellness Planner

And last but not least, Lindsay and I collaborated on a Self-Care Guide for busy mamas! This informative and accessible guide was used as her value-packed freebie from her website!

Tucson Brand Launch - Catalina Wellness Self Care Guide

Thanks for checking out this Tucson brand launch Lindsay and I collaborated on! These are just a few of the many things we were able to create together during her Brand Strategy + Web Design process!

Here’s what she had to say about the process:

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If you are craving the freedom that comes from being able to shut the laptop, confidently delegate work to your team, and spend time with those who matter most to you, work with me!

I’m a brand strategist + web designer that equips impact-driven business women with intentionally architected sophisticated and mature brands that leave a lasting legacy so they can have freedom and peace of mind when they wrap up the work day without having to spend another day of quiet insecurity that stems from questioning if their brand is really good enough.

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